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342 FPS
Draw Length
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REFINE - verb - The process of improving something through methodical and particular changes to improve accuracy. Introducing the 2022 flagship from Bear Archery, the Refine EKO. With a forgiving 33" axle-to-axle and 6 3/8" brace height, the Refine EKO was designed to be more precise and accurate on the range or in the woods. The Refine EKO features an all-new GRIZgrip® with a relaxed and natural feel that will ship in conjunction with the popular VERSAGRIP. Additionaly, new performance derived KillerWave® limb dampeners and an enhanced Vibration Reduction System (VRS) will further enhance the Refine EKO's shootability. Within the bow's riser, shooters will find Bear's ALIGNLOK Technology which works with any bow sight to aid in aligning second and third axis levels. Experience blazing arrow speeds of 342 FPS and class leading stability in every shot with the Refine EKO from Bear Archery.

  • Custom Let off

    EKO Technology allows let off customization to four different positions (75%, 80%, 85%, or 90%)

  • Superior Alignment

    Align Lok Technology works in conjunction with bow sight to aid in aligning second and third axis levels

  • Custom Grips

    Ships with the new GRIZgrip® for a more relaxed and natural grip on the bow and the popular VERSAGRIP

  • Vibration Reduction

    An improved for 2022 Vibration Reduction System (VRS) helps stabilize and reduce lingering riser vibration by up to 25% from the motion of shooting an arrow allowing for a smooth and quiet shot

  • Limb Dampening Technology

    New for 2022 are KillerWave® limb dampeners which fit strategically in the upper and lower limbs to eliminate additional vibration in every shot


brace height
draw length
let off
75%, 80%, 85%, or 90%

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