Join BowHunterPlanet as they review the 2021 Whitetail LegendThe all-new Whitetail Legend is a nod to the classic Whitetail Hunter bow first introduced by Fred Bear in the 1970s. It was Mr. Bear’s mission to make archery accessible to everyone by offering his bows at a fair price and that’s exactly what Bear Archery is doing with the Whitetail Legend compound bow.

The 31” axle-to-axle, single cam bow features an all-new and improved RTH (ready-to-hunt) kit which includes a Trophy Ridge Volt 5-pin sight, Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, Static 6" Stabilizer, No-Tie Peep sight and D-loop. Every time you draw back, you’ll feel the new draw stop giving you the most solid back wall experience of a single cam on the market. Upon release, you’ll experience blazing fast speeds of 320 feet per second. Watch below to see the full review!