Every year bow companies develop, engineer, and launch bows to enhance the archery experience. At Bear Archery, we continue to champion Fred Bear's initiative and life goal to make quality archery equipment accessible to people everywhere.

The 2022 Refine EKO takes years of innovation and industry excellence and bundles it in a 33" ATA bowhunter's perfect tool. With premium performance and features to match, our 2022 flagship goes head to head with competitor's bows that are double the price.

In this month's issue of Archery Business, author Darron McDougal lines up all the new flagship bows for 2022. Read all about the Refine EKO in the article on below:

"Buzzwords used to describe compound bows have long been “fast, quiet and smooth.” Since the late ‘90s, they’ve accurately summarized most high-end models. Of course, bows have continually improved on these three fronts since then...."

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Bear Archery 2022 Refine EKO


Bear Refine - New Bow 2022 Flagship